10 songs i love to heard


for me every song at my list has their own memory inside, i have a lot of music that i love to hear, but, below is top 10:

1.love of my life

first time i heard this song,when i was 6 grade at elementary school, i just listened to this song n wondering how could people made such a meaning full lyric.

up to now,20 yr of my life,i still heard john lennon sing accompany me at sad night.

2.i don’t love you by my chemical romance

gerrad way the leader of my mcr made me falling in love to emo,so dark,powerfull,n show what u felt in simple n great way.this song made me realize that my bf*that time* doesn’t deserve my crazy love *i’m f*cking idiot* hehehe

3.with you chriss brown

coz if i got you,i don’t need money i don’t car girls you my own…

melted song i ever heard,if someone sing this song just n only for me,like chriss brown did,i want to be his gf.hahaha

4.laskar pelangi by nidji

when you down,and u feel don’t have any courage,try to listen this song,my favorite band in indonesia made a million people in indonesia believe that we must run n catch our dream.

5.we will not go down

song for gaza,made me felt how great they are in gaza n open my eyes a lot of people suffer just because power n war.I hope i could do more then this 😦 .hopely no more suffer here, in our world

6.mo li hua

chinese song, moli hua means jasmine,it is my chinese name,this song insipired my teacher,that give it to me,because she said it’s so proper for me,so i like it 😀

7.Lolita egp-egp

okey,from all my list,this is the one of indonesian orginal music,but,it’s also have a mix from west music,but she still sing it with ‘dangdut’ way,you gonna love this song,if you met/have met this kind of people in this song :-D,this song told about unroyal man.

8.bengawan solo

aha..it’s legendary song,old song,but this song,woww…so awesome.they can made such a good lyric to show java in slow n classic music.

9.i’m beautiful

cristina aquelera, yeah this song is me.

This song is a perfect song for women, i am beautiful.hahaaha

10.trouble is friend

this song is my friend,n trouble??not only my biggest fan but also my BEST friend , :-p

everywhere,everytime i go,troubles always accompany me,yeah real bestfriend 😀

how about u??what’s ur top song in your life??


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